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16 September 2011

Mullet Prejudice: Traditional Mores Mocked

TU lineman is a fisherman, some scribler was stunned to find:
Anderson says "yes sir" and "no sir" and wears a mullet, a long, shaggy hairstyle that started in the 1960s and went out of vogue with the Rubik's Cube, narrow ties and the "New Kids on the Block."
Published types, even sports writers, seem to treat people who are that direct and honest as though they were zoo a specimen.
Why does Anderson like fishing so much?

"It's just so relaxing," he said. "I can have a good day, even if I don't catch a thing."

But Anderson seldom goes home empty-handed. He's caught hundreds of crappie or sand bass in a day. And he's given away many more fish than he's eaten.

"That's when people start thinking what you're doing is pretty cool," he said.

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