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30 June 2011

For the Repose of a Good Soul

Cardinal Georg Sterzinsky, who kept the Catholic Church alive under the East German state, has died early in the day today at the age of 75.

Officially atheistic as Socialists need to be to justify their power, the DDR tried to convince the people that they had no souls. Eventually, they had to back off and leave at least some of the people to be free to guide their consciences in the way that they choose.

Born in 1936, his childhood years were the hardest times in the lives of the German people as a whole. He was ordained 11 years after the establishment of the Marxist-Leninist state. The best years of his adulthood were spent in a church that had to find a way to survive and coexist with the immutable, seemingly eternal oppressive state.

What is little understood about German Communism was that it was not generous to those in society who face difficulties in life. The churches, particularly the significantly larger Lutheran church, were depended upon for charitable work that (in a strange way,) was not provided by the “workers’ and peasants’ state” the way those needs would be covered in the west by government and civil society. Despite that, the invasive ideology of Marx and Engels was at war with faith. It though it needed to BE the only faith, but failed in the same way that it couldn’t serve the needs of society.

The all-powerful nanny state still depended on the people of faith that they were at war with to provide for those in need. Remember, in a command economy, those who don’t work are of inherently no use to the state.

Mullet's, Now to be Made Dull by Academia

It's the hairstyle that time forgot
Just long enough to get sidetracked:
It's the mullet of the moment. Yes we're talking about the male ponytail. If you want to look like a crim, a weasel or most probably both, grow your thinning hair long and scrape it back. Into a girl's hairband.

Dude! I’m Sooooo Wasted

Camel milk, camel steak, camel headcheese, camel florentine...

I dream of camels all day and night. I think they mightbe, like, after me or something sometimes. Mmmmmm... Camels.

28 June 2011

"Mullets and models, they just don't go together"

Now we're getting somewhere!
Isabel has long, curly dark hair, which she keeps… on one side of her head. Other side is shaved completely. Looks a bit Flashdance but can't say I disapprove. Delightfully, Bianca has a
! "Mullets and models, they just don't go together,"

25 June 2011

They Got Da Fever

Mullet mania grips Dust Devils

Hancock, a third-round draft pick by the Colorado Rockies out of Rowlett (Texas) High School in 2005, is the brain behind what he calls the "Mullet Militia";

Mr T in Your Pocket Talking Keychain

20 June 2011

Mullet on my Mind

Jared Allen on losing his mullet: "It's in my heart still"
Sometimes you gotta do things for love and for your parents and I cut the mullet for my wedding. Hopefully the Propecia helps and keeps my hair from falling out." Awesome.

19 June 2011

Fables of the Mullet

The 23 Best Mullets in NHL History
I wonder if we will ever see hair pour out of a hockey helmet more than Handzus. George Parros cracks the top 10 for the dual mullet-facial hair alone...

18 June 2011

Haterz Hate

Deranged with Sarah Palin, and deranged by the working class nature of the Mullet... How much more predictable can U get?
Sarah Palin more concerned about her hair than real issues
Really? How do you get to that conclusion? Because she bathes and doesn't look like a fat old union organizing Lesbian?

From Australia's Herald Sun
From trying to secretly install a tanning bed in the governor's mansion to complaining that her hair looked like a mullet, the emails offer an intimate portrait of a politician constantly concerned about image.

16 June 2011

Fake Crisis Ill Suited to Address Political Crisis

Internal reform won't fix Labor's crisis

The Australian:
The most dramatic, so far, has been the disastrous roof insulation scheme. But the big cannons are lined up: the re-regulation of the labour market, the gamble on the government-owned National Broadband Network rollout and a vast defence procurement agenda based on Australian industry, a fiscal and defence crisis in the making. Each testifies to Labor's revived faith in regulation and de facto protectionism.
This Valentine's Day: show some love for older Australians, Prime Minister: fund quality aged care.(Aged care campaign)(Julia Gillard): An article from: Australian Nursing Journal


Dear readers, both of you, I have a confession to make...

I'm a hot 23 year old lipstick lesbian posing as a dude.

The blogger wishes to tender apologies.

15 June 2011

I've Found it!

The World's Very Worst Made-for-TV Movie...

Wake Me When the War is Over (1969)

14 June 2011

Counter-Counter-Counter Something or Other... Still With me?

Veeeeery Interestink!:
DFS 904 was a propaganda station from east germany in the cold war. These messages, sent during night, were absolutely nonsense and were intended to pretend it was an underground station operated by banned communists in western germany. On a website I found *exactly* this messages as an example mp3.

12 June 2011

They've Given Up on Mulletted Bandito

Reward Offered In 'Mullet Man' Bank Robberies
The robber, who has been dubbed the "mullet man" by law enforcement because of his long hair, has worn a Seattle Mariners baseball cap during each of the robberies.

Johnny Lightning Pro Collector Series 1977 Camaro Z28

05 June 2011

Mullets on the Run

Mullet Bandit 'tucks up hairdo', robs bank and evades US authorities again
A serial bank robber known as the 'mullet bandit' has continued to evade US federal authorities in Ohio after fooling them into thinking he had changed his appearance. Sporting a Kevin Keegan-esque hair style, the bank robber pulled off two prior raids...

04 June 2011

It only Hurts When I Laugh

A wild and crazy guy from Bratislava finally got back at Steve Martin:
German police believe that American actor, comedian and collector Steve Martin played a minor role as a victim in what may be Germany's biggest-ever art forgery scandal.

Wild & Crazy Guy

03 June 2011

And You Though that they Just Bounced off of the Turnip Truck

Cucumber deaths provoke outbreak of EU bickering
It's a public health problem, not a summit, people!
Accusations and counter-accusations continue to be exchanged across Europe as the region struggles to tackle a lethal outbreak of enterohaemorrhagic E.coli linked to contaminated cucumbers, which has so far left 14 people dead in Germany.

01 June 2011

Down with Transit!

Berlin “radicals” set off a bomb at Ostkreutz, a Berlin S-Bahn station. It’s a strange choice. Maybe they want to enflame “the German street” in that grafitti-riddled, mostly unemployed proletariats-in-waiting neighborhood. After all, you need to actually be employed to be an oppressed worker, don’t you?

They’ve recently rebuilt the platforms. The place in such a shambles, that it was even an embarrassment to the DDR, but they didn’t do anything about it because no Wessies or foreigners went out that far.

The perps are a rather consistently syphilitic looking bunch of adolescents who call themselves “Black Bloc”. They are prone to Emo-like self-absorption, and cover their faces (in what they must believe is a fashionable manner) out of a paranoid “fear of the state”. The irony is that they always seem to smash property in support of causes that require a big, ham-fisted authoritarian state to realize. The sad thing is that the same is true of the Pirate Party, a group of people who seem to think that they’re intergalactic pimp-daddy Jedi Knights disguised so as not to shock us mere humans. And to think that they’re supposed to be ADULTS.

Otherwise they wall for anything, such as the long love affair they had with Trutherism.