Ads on your Mobile... Aren't You Thrilled

31 May 2012

Shortwave Music?

You bet. Myke Weiskopf shreds tracks using the mysterious sounds of the long-range airwaves.

29 May 2012

Creepy Remnant of Time Past

Those of you out there as enamouried as I am with Number Stations might enjoy the fact that some of them still operate, in this case on 6949 khz. In fact, they seem even MORE mysterious in this day and age when there are so many other means of communication, and many of the traditional users of Number Stations in intelligence communications are, well, gone.

20 May 2012

Ziggy Stardust meets Marketing Whiz

The Atlantic reports on a scary new trend in playing with your hair from the most unserious place on earth. Skandinavian style peddler offers Vintage Video Games, Retro Haircuts and a generalized air of wierdness.
Bobby, a hybrid hair salon-toy store in Copenhagen celebrates the games and geek culture of the 1970s-1990s. Bobby Ågren, who sports a mushroom-meets-mullet hairstyle
This goes some length to explaining their anomalously high suicide rate.

19 May 2012

Little is New in this Life, 'Tis it Not?

attorney objects to smear tactics
Mr. Mullet is charged with one count of conspiracy and five counts of hate crimes pertaining to each hair-cutting assault, in addition to two counts of obstructing justice by trying to destroy evidence and one count of lying to FBI agents
Curiously, Mr. Pompadour, highly dependant on smearing whatnot on his glory, was not charged with anything at all.

17 May 2012

Parking Wars

This great moment in criminal justice comes from the disgustingly gemütlich city of Augsburg:
A DISPUTE over a parking space in the southern German city of Augsburg turned deadly when an irate man who threatened his neighbour with an axe was shot dead by police.
So, like, don't touch his ride, bitches.

16 May 2012

It's a Polite Way of Saying "Hello, I'm Tedious and Vapid"

Berlin, a city where being individualistic always seems to mean sheepishly following one dingbat style cult or another, is holding a "hipster festival. Gack.
Most of them think the former east is charming. In other words: hide the children and the livestock.

15 May 2012

Sharf, Defined

andBerlin has a write-up of a Currywurst vendor that always seemed a little too non-amateur for my taste, in that I prefer the individually owned stand. But in Hauptbahnhof, beggers can't be choosers, and Curry 66 (a reference to the year the Currywurst was made popular in ehmahlige West-Berlin,) has the added kick of added kick... or a rarity to Currywurstdom of pepper-hotness that might give a sniffle to a non-German.
This time when I tasted my Currywurst it was definitely spicier than any other I have had in Berlin so far and a real contender for ‘The Best of the Wurst’, as I’ve come to think of my quest for the tastiest Currywurst in Berlin – it comes with plenty of sauce and by the end of my meal the plate was wiped clean.
Here's the thing: it's not the heat, it's the sweet. Currywurst is made with a kind of specialty ketchup which is often too sugary to my taste, so the added heat can only come as an improvement. What's BAD (and I mean bad,) is when you find that Currywurst-ketchup snuck into other things. You can detect it immediatelty, and should immediately head for the hills. Another note to gourmands of the good: you CAN get a decent burrito after the fashion of the trend in the US in Mitte - at a place called Dolores. Evidently they are also doing well enough that they are a maturing operation, evidence by graduating to a non-hipster-disposed part of town at Wittenbergplatz. Watch this trend. Chipotle is opening a store in Paris, and has opened one in London. It won't be long before the trend starts to spread.

14 May 2012

“You can eat those???”

An outsider considers the humble peep.
Colleague: “Aw, those are cute.” Me: “This is a typical American Easter candy. Try one!” Stunned colleague: “You can eat those???”
All I have to say is... :-)

12 May 2012

Piraten! Move out of Your Parent's Basement!

I've never heard of a political party become so adept at repelling women without, say, making them wear veils or binding their feet:
Just after walking the German Pirate Party plank due to exhaustion, ex-Pirate political manager Marina Weisband dropped the boom on her mobbing male marauders by outing them as being just as chauvanistic and sexist as male types everywhere else are, political or otherwise.
The response she got from these thoroughly modern males amounted to "whatever you say, sweet cheeks."

10 May 2012

It’s that Time of Year Again

Oktoberfest is not for your après ski digestif types.

“Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son”

- Dean Wormer

08 May 2012

The Object of Fear is WITHIN!

Panic now, while there's still time!
An incoming asteroid is trouble whether you're a dinosaur or a Bruce Willis fan. But microbes living deep underground may actually welcome the news, according to a recent study.