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15 May 2012

Sharf, Defined

andBerlin has a write-up of a Currywurst vendor that always seemed a little too non-amateur for my taste, in that I prefer the individually owned stand. But in Hauptbahnhof, beggers can't be choosers, and Curry 66 (a reference to the year the Currywurst was made popular in ehmahlige West-Berlin,) has the added kick of added kick... or a rarity to Currywurstdom of pepper-hotness that might give a sniffle to a non-German.
This time when I tasted my Currywurst it was definitely spicier than any other I have had in Berlin so far and a real contender for ‘The Best of the Wurst’, as I’ve come to think of my quest for the tastiest Currywurst in Berlin – it comes with plenty of sauce and by the end of my meal the plate was wiped clean.
Here's the thing: it's not the heat, it's the sweet. Currywurst is made with a kind of specialty ketchup which is often too sugary to my taste, so the added heat can only come as an improvement. What's BAD (and I mean bad,) is when you find that Currywurst-ketchup snuck into other things. You can detect it immediatelty, and should immediately head for the hills. Another note to gourmands of the good: you CAN get a decent burrito after the fashion of the trend in the US in Mitte - at a place called Dolores. Evidently they are also doing well enough that they are a maturing operation, evidence by graduating to a non-hipster-disposed part of town at Wittenbergplatz. Watch this trend. Chipotle is opening a store in Paris, and has opened one in London. It won't be long before the trend starts to spread.

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