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31 January 2016

Hair Crime: Life on the Street

Sam Frost says The Bachelorette ruined her hair after having it styled FOUR times a day
"I've got a bit of a mullet happening."
The fate of the underclass keeps me up at night. By which I mean the AUDIENCE.

30 January 2016

Questions one Cannot Un-Ask

"Kid mullet" is not a new comic book superhero for a folically questioning age, but rather a kid who will spend a few decades trying to live down that which lives foreever on the net. Dad asks daughter why she gave herself a haircut
Ansleigh says she was just practicing, but her dad says if she practices more, she's going to run out of hair.
Sly 3 year old kids these days! They know how to post videos on the net! In a sane universe, this wouldn't happen - and if it did would be called child abuse by "oversharing".

29 January 2016

How Bowie Pushed the Boudaires of Looking Wide Eyed, Paralyzed in Fear

How David Bowie pushed the boundaries of gendered fashion
It was the result of his ex-wife's habit of playing dress up with him in a strange attempt to experiment with taking away his manhood. Wisely, he left her.

28 January 2016

A Moose Lodge for Our Degenerate, Knuckle-dragging Age

Meet the Travelling Jagrs
Armed with black mullet wigs, the Travelling Jagrs are starting to make a name for themselves:

"He had some epic hair back in the day"