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26 October 2013

Eat Up. Or NOT, Suckahs

25 October 2013

This Would Never Have become the Subject of a John Huston Feature Film

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre The Football Mullets of Medellin: In the city of Medellin in Colombia, the mullet is not just a haircut. It is much, much more than that.
... their [sic] bitter foes but they're really singing from the same song sheet in the hair department and it may as well be the Vandals' punk celebration of the mullet.

23 October 2013

Number Stations Still Exist

I captured one quite randomly while tuning through the dial, having not been able to sleep.  It was at 0825 UT on 9330 mhz, a frequency commonly used by legitimate, non-state broadcasters.
The strong, clear signal received in Virginia must surely originate in Cuba or some other part of the Caribbean for clandestine communications with agents placed in the US.

This absurd poetry continued for about half an hour.  It seems that in the digital age, this old technique refuses to be entirely abandoned.