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02 March 2011

Caution: Protectionist Hypocrites at work

Google Runs Into New Privacy Objections In Europe Over Street View
Europeans have a much broader view of privacy law than Americans, and Google's Street View, generally accepted in the US, continues to run into obstacles across the Atlantic.
Pshyeah right...

Except when identity cards are involved, or anything substatively involving privacy that isn't a tructured PR campaign.

What is this pedantic, multi-year story REALLY seem to be about?

France's 1PlusV Files Anti-trust Complaint Against Google -- Again
Google has been under pressure in the European Union for some time; most notable is Germany's legal action against Google's Street View service that resulted in Google having to remove faces and other privacy information from the service's maps.
Which, if anti-trust was that important to them, they would actually act against European companies engaging in monoplisitc practices, but they don't.

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