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09 October 2010

News Digest of the Fake-Crisis Management Center, no. 2010\10-E

One thing a fake crisis can't bear is common sense and apathy. Case in point: the "broadband crisis"
At the Progress and Freedom Foundation blog, Adam Thierer notes that a recent Pew Center poll shows a slight majority of Americans don't think supplying broadband should be a big government priority.
The anatomy of this "crisis"? It all starts with satisfied people!
there might be a number of reasons that respondents downplayed the importance of government actions to spur broadband diffusion, including that: (1) many folks are quite content with the Internet service they get today; (2) others might get their online fix at work or other places and not feel the need for it at home; and (3) some may not care two bits (excuse the pun) about broadband at all. More generally, I noted that, with all the other issues out there to consider, broadband policy just isn't that important to most folks in the larger scheme of things....

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