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15 April 2012

The HuffPo Reader's Idea of "Street Cred"

One can only wonder where they think that street is - or rather at least what part of Northeast Philadelphia they think it is.
'Part-Time Hair Piece, Full-Time Lady-Getter'
You go, "Lady-Getter" ( ...? ! ?... )
Clearly, it has worked: After selling out of their stock of 2000, the couple just placed an order for 10000 additional mullets. So let's get to the most important question: Are the mullets synthetic or real human hair?
Important, indeed. Almost as important as parading you're wife's silly ironic name.
My wife Morgan went to high school with a friend that originally had this idea. He had the stuff sent over from China and had a prototype made, but let it go. We were in Cabo in 2010 and a group of tourists walked by with real mullets, and we both agreed that we should talk to our friend about getting the business off the ground.
Their choice in vacation locales says the rest.

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