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01 February 2012

Among the Impressionable: People Who Pay for Premium Cable

The Chicago Tribune reports that:
HBO's 'Boardwalk Empire' sparks demand for men's retro haircut
It's not really a MULLET we're talking about here, but we'll let them have their "fun".

It's actually just another collection of over-the-top adjectives being tossed around about the empty lives of hipsters.
"Most places around the country, the style is slightly less exaggerated," Ash says. "And the more severe James Darmody look is one we're seeing stronger in our major metropolitan areas where there's a little more high fashion.... [Men in] Los Angeles, New York and Miami seem to prefer more of an extreme look, where it's much shorter through the sides and longer and more artsy on top."
"art-say" !!! Spoken like someone who never kissed a girl, if you asked me.

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