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07 December 2011

It's ART, you Ignorant Peasants!

Holiday jeers for Ugliest Christmas tree in Germany:
The startling Yuletide sight stands right next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in the heart of western Berlin on Breitscheidplatz.

The “Traffic Tree” – the name being a nod to the hectic run up to Christmas - was created by 36-year-old artist Thomas Plattner, who specialises in creating sculptures from found objects. So, instead of traditional holiday baubles and tinsel, battered toys and discarded household items dangle from the tree’s scrap metal branches.

It has been christened the “ugliest” in Germany by the country’s biggest newspaper, Bild.
one would celebrate a meaningful date or event with the finest you can find, those things that show you've sacrificed the most you could... except in modern day Europe where you're supposed to not care.

In fact one can't even plausibly call this pile of literal refuse an homage to nature, or even an offering to the Gods of reccycling.

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