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29 November 2011

Prison Luuuurve, and the Women Who Can't Resist Them

Queue the hideously bad music:
Are you a lady looking for love? Have you found relationships with men who haven’t done time in federal prison to be lacking a certain je ne sais quoi? Does the idea of being with a guy who has an elastic view of securities laws do anything for you? Then girlfriends, you are in for a treat. Roy Ageloff, a “former millionaire trader” who is finishing up an 11 year sentence for running a “vast pump and dump manipulation,” is schedule to be sprung free on Dec. 11, 2013 and he hopes you’ll be waiting for him. Interested?
He'll be shooing them away with a stick with this kind of world-class slickness.
Unfortunately, I’ve temporarily been dethroned of my crown.
Granted, he's working it without his wingman, who actually past English Comp.

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