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15 November 2011

Let's Just Call This "Mullets Anonymous"

Henry goes incognito:
I got my hair cut into a mullet. Not to be funny, not to joke around, but to mesh with the local fashion. Yes, that´s right folks, while the mullet has been marginalized in the US, it has never seen better days here in Argentina.
I Have a Mullet says one now-mulleted expatriate. But the resemblance to coloquial german life doesn't stop with "the dudes" as it were:
I am currently living in Mendoza, where the mullet is not terribly common. However, a quick trip to Buenos Aires will reveal the mullet´s widespread popularity. Porteños, residents of Buenos Aires, have an acute taste for cosmopolitan fashion. The mullet is not antithetical to this. People sport the latest designer fashions plus a mullet. Every so often you might spot someone in a business suit, confidently rocking the mullet.

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