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23 May 2011

News Digest from the Fake Crisis Management Center, no. 2011\05B

One can only guess how these things get counted: "US behind S.Korea, UK in broadband adoption, download speeds"

International Business Times:
Probably Google's new fibre optic project in Kansas city and the Missouri side which has promised to bring a 100X faster internet broadband connection will make US overcome its cyber crisis.
To me, the "crisis" elicits a so what, once you see what threy're talking about: an isolated part of Korea and the UK.
Nearly 8.4 million broadband users in New York found their average download speed to be 11.7 Mbps, crawling much behind Seoul and South Korea which has a speed of 35.8Mbps for 10 million residents.
SO why exactly is there a crisis? A lake of state ownership, of course!
Walter McCormick Jr, the USTelecoms chief executive, pointed to FCC data showing that 95 percent of Americans have access to fixed broadband, and 93 percent are happy with their service saying, "Clearly the private sector is doing its part -- broadband has been deployed to virtually every corner of America where a business case can be made for investment."

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