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25 April 2011

"Ich war Neunzehn"

"Ich war Neunzehn" (I was Nineteen), a DDR DEFA film production from 1968

Based on the biography of its director, Konrad Wolf, this film chronicles the closing days of the World War II through the eyes of a young German who is a Red Army translator with a front line propaganda team. He must deal with weary Wehrmacht officers, opportunistic politicians, frightened civilains, surviving political prisoners and apolitical intellectuals, as well as the pressures of battle. Wolf was the older son of one of DEFA's founders, as well as the brother of a head of East German Intelligence. Directed by Konrad Wolf; featuring Jaecki Schwarz, Wassili Liwanow, Alexej Ejboshenko, and Galina Polskich. East Germany, 1968, B&W, 115 minutes

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