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10 March 2011

News Digest from the Fake-Crisis Management Center, no. 2011\3-B

Now, it's an officially recognized fake crisis!
The UN on Thursday expressed alarm at a huge decline in bee colonies under a multiple onslaught of pests and pollution, urging an international effort to save the pollinators that are vital for food crops.
[... snip ...]
Honey bee colony declines in recent years have reached 10 to 30 percent in Europe, 30 percent in the United States, up to 85 percent in Middle East, said scientist Peter Neumann, one of the authors of the first ever UN report on the issue.

But in South America, Africa and Australia there were no reports of high losses.
In other words, it's a parasite as already established, not a platform to complain about pollution and human existence.

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