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23 January 2011

Responsible Journalism at a Glance

Weekly World News
"This blob can be one hundred times more devastating to Earth, than any asteroid," said James V. Bellanca III, the chief blob expert at NASA.
What Will Happen on December 21 2012?
The story started with claims that Nibiru, a supposed planet discovered by the Sumerians, is headed toward Earth.

The Day After Tomorrow….Today??
Independent (UK)
The Mayans were right, the planets have aligned, an asteroid is heading for earth, the molten core at the centre of our planet has stopped turning (again) ...
Yet another dytopic environmentalist "looking out for the children, and the future", no doubt. They all seem to sound like that...
our time on planet earth is up.

I mean, first of all the natural disasters that have been happening with alarming frequency lately, the floods, forest fires, earthquakes, Tsunami’s, birds mysteriously falling from the sky….well it is enough to get any normal movie goer freaking out, but then, add to it the financial crisis (the banks know what’s coming obviously), the fact that no other reporter seems to have put this together (clearly a government cover up) and of course, the fact that our TV Schedules constantly pump out reality drivel like X Idol, Celebrity Strictly Come Dining, and my favourite Cat in the Attic,( why do people watch these things……….I just don’t get it, go out and play rugby instead damn you!) and it becomes clear that the powers that be are trying to lull us into some sort of apathetic coma so that we don’t go out and panic.
Why not do the right thing, and off yourself know - before we get to paragragh 8?

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