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25 October 2010

The Fake Crisis Management Center goes all Hollywood on us

REPORTER: David Brill

Journeyman Weekly transcribes hideously bad disaster sci-fi and interviews its' fine theoreticians, which have, after all, been among the brain-softeners used to convince us of however-many Fake Crises which fans of this series (both of you,) find so terribly amusing.

GEORGE NEGUS: David Brill there. I know the 'Armageddonites' can say things that make you just shake your head, but that last comment about going backwards does raise the question of whether everything we call 'progress' necessarily is. If you want to know more about that underground shelter, or becoming self-sufficient, follow the links from The website for that bunker has a handy clock counting down to the end of the world! But, right now, I think we're still OK.
...but there's certainly an asteroid that's headed for Earth that NASA is also aware of...

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