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24 September 2011

A Law for Every Occasion

In a society that seems to have more rules than any other, with new rules every day, with more peevish and impossible to enforce rules at that, does anyone in the do-gooding community really think anybody actually follows these rules, let alone themselves?

Good news for jobseekers who like to brag about their drinking exploits on Facebook: A new law in Germany will stop bosses from checking out potential hires on social networking sites. They will, however, still be allowed to google applicants.
Well, now that’s a relief. If I see an interviewee walking down the street, will I also be required to avert my gaze as well?

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K said...

The reason the US never annexed Canada after 1812 was that there were too many "Presbytermian/Jesuit" types there - what today would be called leftists - and it would end up impacting US politics not for the better. In retrospect an excellent decision.

West Germany may live to regret bringing in the East.