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27 March 2011

Do Indulge me, would You?

I'll admit to a weakness: old movies, and British films in particular. While my faves date from 1940 to 1955, I thought it would be interesting to present this rare gem. This adaptation of H. G. Welles' "Things to Come" also presents a portrait of the experimental art and design of the era in which it was made. After all, it needed 'futurism', so they let loose.

From 1936, here is "Things to Come":


Jimbo said...

You have a great 'weakness' - Things to Come is indeed a great movie, and who doesn't like Raymond Massey? One of the great British actors. You know you can view it all, and even download it here:

Joe said...

Yes, I ran across that site, but am still trying to figure out if I can trust it not to give my 'puter a social disease.